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CleanKenya Strategic Consultancy is a passioned advisory and planning group, dedicated to upgrade the waste management systems in Kenya.

A first objective will be a pilot waste management improvement program for Lamu County with all the islands of the Lamu archipelago. This program includes the uplift to modern standards of solid waste management (collection, transport and recycling) and sewage management, a waste-to-energy incinerator, a plastic recycling facility and waste water (sewage) purification plants combined with biogas production as well as an educational component .

This challenging and divers issue will be approached and dealt with in a modular way based on best practices, to make progression and improvements implementable in a controlled manner.

This program will meet all the criteria in terms of sustainability and feasibility developed last year by the Kenyan green bonds program, to avoid any obstacles in obtaining investments from the green capital market. The estimated annual budget is 120m euro over 20 years.


Shela / Lamu

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